Tiger Woods: Not Just Golf


The Tiger Woods Foundation asked us to shoot a series of videos and commercials to garner support and donations for the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim. Tiger's doing amazing things (off the golf course) to help underserved high school kids prepare for college. Thanks to Marci, Court and the Emilys, the production went off like a hole in one. (Couldn't help myself.)

Farmer Boys Restaurants: The Natural


Using a 1970's retro backyard --- we shot in Orange on Day One. Day Two was a food shoot at a Farmer Boys Restaurant in Highland CA. Farmer Boys marketing manager, Sue Shindle, and the entire team from Total Spectrum Advertising (Renee Bogenreif, Beverly Chamberlain and Mark Kelleher) were on hand to keep us in line. Want some fries with that?

Hooters Radio: Hooters Radio???


This very cool radio campaign, was written by Jeremy Skiver, Rob Pettis and the crew at Skiver Advertising to promote the smarter (and now funnier) side of Hooter's. Push play and enjoy. I promise you won't blush. 

Lucky Lyon Update

Lucky is now 15 months old and almost as big as a freight train. (94 pounds) He still retains his puppy persona and can’t wait to spend the spring and summer back swimming in the Newport Bay. A sweet and spirited soul, Lucky has become a welcome member of the Lyon family. Do not leave socks on the floor or they will become instant confetti. Here’s a peek at how he looked then, and how he looks now.